Export Golden Ale

Our flagship ale and the beer that built Shipyard Brewing Co. was thoughtfully engineered based on English tradition and is brewed with the finest ingredients sourced whenever possible from local Maine farms.

A distinguished American Golden Ale, Export offers hints of malty sweetness, distinctive hop aromas, finishing clean and crisp, refreshing to almost any palate.

Export is a classic brew which continues to lead the way as a drinkable, well-balanced and flavorful ale.

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American Pale Ale

Our APA was born out of a global collaboration to brew a modern, American expression of Pale Ale. Easy to drink, full of flavor, but without the attitude. Characterized by a lighter color, crisp body, and the aroma of new-age American hops, this APA is now an international favorite for its great taste and session-ability. It’s the perfect beer for any great adventure around the world…or just with great friends in the back yard.

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Discovery IPA

Celebrating discovery and the spirit of adventure that are the hallmarks of our global collaborations. Our IPA brings together the hop forward West Coast style with the easy drinking East Coast haze to create a finely balanced brew. It’s ready for you to take on your next great adventure or as your every day IPA.

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